PressTV-UK parliament to vote on Brexit deal for 3rd time

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is set to push ahead with a critical vote on the “withdrawal agreement” of her Brexit deal.

May will ask MPs to vote only on the “withdrawal agreement” part of her Brexit deal on Friday.

The parliament has already voted down May’s deal twice. 

However, May is set to put the twice-rejected deal to a third vote.

The vote comes as May offered to resign to get the parliament to support her Brexit deal.

Senior Conservative Party MP Andrea Leadsom, who serves as the leader of the House of Commons, confirmed that the government will exclude any decision on Britain’s future relations with the EU in the vote – focusing only on the “withdrawal agreement”. 

“We’re completely determined to make sure that we can get enough support to bring it back,” Leadsom said.

Lawmakers rejected the deal by 230 votes in January and again by 149 votes earlier this month, primarily because of concerns about the…

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