PressTV-UK officers under investigation for waterboarding

The UK military has launched an investigation into accusations that two of its officers have subjected their colleague to the act of waterboarding.

During the August 7 incident, the two officer cadets at Britain’s Sandhurst military academy allegedly pinned down the other officer, put a cloth on his face and poured water over it, the Sun newspaper reported on Saturday.

The practice is considered torture by the British government.

Brigadier Bill Wright, Sandhurst’s commander, told the media that he had ordered the Royal Military Police to investigate the allegations.

“The Army and I expect the highest standards of behavior at Sandhurst; anyone found to have fallen short is dealt with robustly, including dismissal, if appropriate,” he said.

According to the Sun, all three cadets involved in the matter were put on leave and had been moved into separate platoons for the course of the investigation.

Sandhurst, located 30 miles (50…

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