PressTV-UK nuclear weapons incidents hit record high

The UK military experienced a record number of safety issues while transporting nuclear warheads and other critically sensitive equipment related to nuclear weapons last year, official records show.

 In total, British nuclear motorcades moving across the country reported 44 safety instances that led to largely unscheduled stops for extra maintenance checks on the material, the UK Ministry of Defense said earlier this month when asked by lawmakers.

Of those, 24 issues were said to be operational while the other 20 stemmed from engineering mishaps.

The figure has grown almost four-fold since 2008, when only 12 incidents took place.

The defense ministry said none of the incidents posed risks to the public but refused go into details

Previous freedom of information act requests have shown that the motorcades, usually consisted of more than 20 vehicles, face common incidents such as equipment failures, collisions and breakdowns. 


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