PressTV-UK, Norway buy US sub-hunters to deter Russia

The UK Royal Navy and its Norwegian counterpart have purchased a large fleet of US-made P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft to stop what they call Russia’s growing submarine activity near their territorial waters.

The government of British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed Monday that it had put in orders for a total of nine advanced Boeing airplanes, commonly known as sub-hunters, and expects the first aircraft to be delivered next year.

Norway, on the other hand, has purchased five P-8As and will use a Royal Air Force base in Scotland to operate them.

In a joint statement signed by the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD), Norway, and the United States, the NATO allies said the aircraft would help balance the “changing security environment” in the North Atlantic, the Express reported.

The same document suggested that a “significant increase in Russian submarine activity” had put NATO forces in the region at risk.

The statement…

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