PressTV-‘UK needs referendum to escape political paralysis’

The United Kingdom needs to hold a referendum to heal the political division that has deepened over the government’s plan to exit the European Union, says a British analyst and activist.

“I think a general election or a referendum is the only way that Britain can escape the political paralysis that has gripped Westminster,” said Lee Jasper, senior policy adviser to former London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

British voters are increasingly dissatisfied with Prime Minister Theresa May and her government, and more British voters favor a second referendum on the final terms of any Brexit deal with the EU, according to a new opinion poll.

When voters were asked in a YouGov poll whether there should be a referendum on the final terms of any deal over exiting the EU, 42 percent said there should be a fresh vote while 40 percent said there should not. The rest did not know.

“It’s clear that the country is divided, the house of parliament is…

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