PressTV-UK MPs deal crushing blow to May’s Brexit plan

The British parliament has approved a crucial amendment to Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal to take the country out of the European Union (EU), allowing MPs to come up with their own alternative plans.

In a break from long-standing rules, House of Commons Speaker John Bercow allowed MPs on Wednesday to vote on an amendment that forced May to prepare a Plan B within three days if her existing deal with the EU gets rejected next Tuesday.

The amendment, brought by former Tory leader Dominic Grieve, also authorized all MPs to attach their own proposed Brexit plans when the PM’s new way forward comes up for vote, raising the possibility for a range of alternative options from softer Norway-style Brexit to a new EU referendum.

The original Brexit process gave May three weeks to return to the parliament with a new plan.

The MPs’ proposals, although not legally binding, will give a better understanding as to what kind of agreements with the…

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