PressTV-UK man who urged attack on royals stabbed in jail

British authorities have revealed that a man who had called for the assassination of Prince George has been stabbed in prison, without any information available on who stabbed him and what the motives were.

The Daily Star said Saturday that Husnain Rashid, who had been jailed earlier this month for offering advices to supporters on how to kill the young member of the British royal family, was found in his cell in Manchester’s Strangeways jail while having his face slashed with a makeshift knife.

Rashid’s body was discovered in the early hours of Wednesday with a huge gash from his right ear while blood was everywhere around the cell.

He was stabbed with a toothbrush that had a blade attached to it, authorities said, without elaborating how the attack happened and who was behind it.

A source in the prison claimed Rashid was disliked by other inmates, saying that everyone wanted to kill him due to his threats on the five-year-old Prince…

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