PressTV-UK increases troops in Afghanistan to meet US demands

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has decided to increase the number of British troops in Afghanistan to over 1,000, as the NATO military alliance tries to meet the demands of US President Donald Trump.

Preparing to address an ongoing NATO summit in Brussels, May committed 440 more troops to the alliance’s mission in Afghanistan this week and urged other member-states to fulfill their commitment to spend two percent of their GDP on their militaries, just like the UK does.

“We will be deploying an additional 440 personnel to NATO’s Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan and I think that shows when NATO calls, the UK is one of the first to step up,” May told reporters Wednesday, on the first day of the Brussels meeting.

Sources within the UK’s Ministry of Defense have expressed concern that Trump, who is also attending the NATO summit, would eventually pull American troops out of Eastern Europe and stop partaking in joint NATO drills…

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