PressTV-‘UK hand in glove with terror-exporting states’

The United Kingdom government should be held accountable for the spread of terrorist activities in the country and elsewhere in the West, says a political analyst from London after a fresh terror attack in the British city of Manchester injures three people.  

“When there is a terrorist attack or even an apparent terrorist attack in the UK, we have to ask the question as what are the psychological and political forces which lead people to think they have a right to murder others,” said William Shakespeare in an interview with the Press TV on Wednesday.

Shakespeare said most of the terrorist attacks carried out in the UK and elsewhere these days are “coming from a source which can be identified”, adding that the specific source lies in ideologies like “Wahabbism, Takfirisim, and Salafism which is centered in Saudi Arabia”.

The expert said the UK was in fact responsible for the outbreaks of terrorism in the West as it supports…

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