PressTV-UK could impose martial law over Brexit: Minister

Britain has plans in place to impose martial law across the country if a withdrawal from the European Union in March takes place in a disorderly manner, a senior government minister has indicated.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Sunday that the option of using martial law to quell civil unrest that could follow a no-deal Brexit had been included in government plans to cope with the situation although he insisted that the government was not focused on the option.

“It remains on the statute book but it isn’t the focus of our attention,” said Hancock in an interview to the BBC.

The remarks come amid British Prime Minister Theresa May’s refusal to rule out a no-deal Brexit, a situation which according to businesses and politicians could have grave consequences for the UK economy.

May has been failing in her attempts to go through the parliament with a divorce deal she signed with the EU in November.

The premier said after a…

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