PressTV-UK coach facing death threats over Muslim fitness class

A female sport trainer in Britain has received death threats and other racist and abusive messages after she initiating a fitness class for Muslim women.

The state-funded BBC reported Wednesday that Bianca Jade, a non-Muslim fitness coach, had been threatened to death after she put up posters for her Muslim women fitness class showing a woman in a hijab holding a pair of weights.

The 30-year-old Jade, from Nottingham in central England, said she had notified the police about racist slurs and messages she received telling her to “watch her back.”

“I’ve had messages calling me racist names… telling me to go back to my own country, telling me to watch my back… saying they’re going to kill me,” she said, adding, “It makes me feel paranoid… I’m always looking behind me.”

Jade has said non-Muslim women were welcome to join the fitness class, which she said is meant to allow Muslim women to “get fit in a comfortable…

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