PressTV-UK activists protest centenary of Balfour Declaration

Thousands of demonstrators have staged a rally outside the US embassy in London to demand the British government apologize for the controversial Balfour Declaration signed 100 years ago.

The pro-Palestine activists marched from the US embassy towards Trafalgar Square in central London on Saturday.

The protesters called the Balfour Declaration issued in 1917 during World War I a “historic crime” and expressed outrage at the suffering of Palestinians at the hands of Israel’s brutal regime.

They also condemned as an open insult the recent visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Britain for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the document.

The activists said they’re determined to demand compensation and called on the UK to take responsibility for its role in the pain forced upon the Palestinian nation.

Protesters hold a Palestinian flag during a rally in central London on November 4, 2017. (Photo by Reuters)

UK Prime…

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