PressTV-UK accused of underestimating slavery

Rights campaigners have accused the British government of lagging behind in estimating how many people are being exploited as slaves in the country, saying data provided by the Home Office on the issue are not correct.

“This is likely to be seriously flawed as it is based on outdated estimates from 2014 of up to 13,000 people in slavery,” said Jakub Sobik, a spokesman for Anti-Slavery International, on Wednesday.

The interior ministry announced its estimates about the scale and costs of modern slavery in Britain on Monday, saying the problem was creating a loss of 4.3 billion pounds ($5.7 billion) each year. The number of slaves estimated by the ministry, however, was around one tenth of figure recorded by human rights group Walk Free Foundation in its 2018 Global Slavery Index. The report says Britain is home to as many as 136,000 slaves, most of them trapped in forced labor and sexual exploitation.

A Home Office spokeswoman would not…

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