PressTV-Tusk ‘sure’ EU will accept controversial Brexit draft treaty

EU President Donald Tusk said Thursday he was “absolutely sure” the bloc’s members would accept a draft treaty for Brexit that has stirred anger in London over its provisions for Northern Ireland.

“I am absolutely sure that all the essential elements of the draft will be accepted by all,” Tusk told business leaders in Brussels, saying EU states would review the text in the coming week.

British Prime Minister Theresa May angrily rejected the draft unveiled on Wednesday, saying she would never allow the bloc to undermine her country’s “constitutional integrity”.

She took particular aim at a proposal to keep British-ruled Northern Ireland in a customs union if there is no better solution to avoid a hard border with EU-member Ireland.

Tusk said if May didn’t like the proposal, she should come up with an alternative.

“Until now, no-one has come up with anything wiser than that (plan),” he said.

“In a few hours I will be asking in London whether…

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