PressTV-Trump’s Jerusalem move ‘deliberate provocation’

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital is “a deliberate and conscious provocation,” and that the two-state solution for Israelis and the people of Palestine is “nothing but a trap,” according to American author Ralph Schoenman.

In a speech at the White House on December 6, Trump officially declared Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital, saying his administration would also begin a process of moving the American embassy in Tel Aviv to the holy city, which is expected to take years.

The announcement was a major shift by Washington that overturns decades of US foreign policy. Trump’s decision was mostly aimed at pleasing his main supporters – Republican conservatives and evangelical Christian Zionists who comprise an important share of his voter base.

Washington’s controversial policy move triggered demonstrations in the occupied Palestinian territories, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt,…

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