PressTV-Trump’s Iran policy not working: Report

US President Donald Trump’s so-called “maximum pressure” policy against Iran has failed, says a report, citing the results of an internal assessment by his administration. 

The new report by the International Crisis Group (ICG), called “On Thin Ice,” was released on January 16, the third anniversary of the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal.

“A preliminary internal assessment by the administration described to Crisis Group purportedly concludes that the US approach has yet to curb Iran’s behavior or entice Tehran back to the negotiating table,” the ICG report says, citing an interview conducted by the group with a senior US administration official this month.

The remarks by the official comes as Iran has repeatedly announced the US efforts will fail to “change Iran’s behavior”.

“If you look at the range of ultimate objectives different people [in the US administration] have in mind, from protests… to…

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