PressTV-‘Trump’s hostility toward Muslims has no limits’

US President Donald Trump’s hostility towards Muslims knows no boundaries, says a London-based scholar, pointing to the American president’s Islamophobic rhetoric and his government’s close ties with regimes that spread terrorism.

Dr. Rodney Shakespeare made the remarks in an interview with Press TV about Trump’s latest anti-Muslim tweets, which have drawn condemnation both in the US and abroad.

On Wednesday, Trump retweeted a series of unverified videos, posted by the leader of the far-right organization Britain First, Jayda Fransen, purportedly showed violence committed by Muslims.

“There is no limit to the sheer ignorance and hostility of President Trump, not just to Muslims but to his fellow human beings,” Shakespeare told Press TV on Wednesday. “He knows of nothing except his desire to sell arms to the most extreme political structures in the world… [like] Suadi Arabia.”

“Trump has linked hands with the progenitors…

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