PressTV-Trump, wife make surprise visit to Iraq

US President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, have made a surprise visit to Iraq, meeting American troops fighting one of the many wars that he has mocked in the past as costly blunders.

Fifteen years into America’s invasion of Iraq, the unstable security situation in the country forced the Trump to depart Washington on a clandestine flight that landed at the Al Asad Air Base in west of Baghdad on Wednesday.

The trip came amid Trump’s many problems in Washington, ranging from a partial government shutdown over the funding of his border wall to an unsteady economy and a controversial decision to end US military presence in Syria.

The American head of state has in the past sought to distance himself from the Iraq War and other foreign conflicts left behind by his predecessors.

In a surprise decision that put his security team at odds and prompted Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis to quit, the president ordered a complete withdrawal of…

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