PressTV-Trump warns NATO: US losing patience

US President Donald Trump has written to several NATO allies, asking them to increase their share of the costs for defense of the alliance and warning the United States is losing patience.

Trump sent letters last month to leaders of NATO allies including Germany, Belgium, Norway and Canada, ratcheting up tensions ahead of the NATO summit in Brussels next week, according to The New York Times.

The US president highlighted long-standing complaints that other countries are not contributing enough to NATO and that the US is bearing too much of the alliance’s load.

Most of the content sent to the various leaders was similar, but sources told The Times that the message delivered to German Chancellor Angela Merkel had particularly tough language.

“As we discussed during your visit in April, there is growing frustration in the United States that some allies have not stepped up as promised,” the letter read.

“Continued German underspending on…

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