PressTV-Trump vows to stick to Syria, Afghanistan policy

US President Donald Trump has reassured the GOP that he would stick to his plans for troop pullout from Syria and Afghanistan.

Trump made the comment among a group of Republican senators at the White House Wednesday evening.

Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria and reduce forces in Afghanistan has been met with some opposition.

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul, a libertarian conservative, is among those supporting the president.

“I really am proud of the president for making an argument that really no president in recent history has made and that is that we’ve been at war too long in too many places and he’s really going to make a difference,” Paul said after meeting with Trump. “Not only is he following through with his Syria policy, I really do think there will be changes in Afghanistan as well… If you look at the polling data for the American people, I think the American people are with the president and they’re…

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