PressTV-‘Trump pushes Germany to abandon Iran deal’

US President Donald Trump is trying to intimidate Germany to sacrifice its economic imports, particularly petroleum, oil and gas, from Russia in favor of the United States, according to American writer and academic James Petras who added that Trump also wants Germany to  join Washington in abandoning  the Iran nuclear agreement.

Professor Petras made the comments in an interview with Press TV while commenting on Trump’s unprecedented tirade against Germany during the NATO summit on Wednesday.

Trump called on NATO allies to commit 4 percent of their GDP to military spending, while the alliance’s European partners are struggling to reach the current target of 2 percent of their annual output.

Trump singled out Germany for criticism over its military spending. He also Germany’s “inappropriate” relationship with Russia.

“Germany is totally controlled by Russia … They will be getting between 60 and 70 percent of their energy from…

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