PressTV-‘Trump playing with political fire over Iran’

An American political analyst has told the Press TV that US President Donald Trump is playing with a political fire by threatening allies and others with sanctions if they keep interacting with Iran.

Wayne Madsen, Wayne Madsen, an author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs,  said Wednesday that Trump’s warning to the Europeans that they should stop protecting a 2015 Iran nuclear agreement and join him on piling pressure on the Iranians was a threat that could backfire as it would weaken the position of the Republican Party in the November general elections.

“Mr. Trump is playing not only with economic fire, he is playing with political fire,” said Madsen.

“The Republican Party and Mr. Trump … will pay a drastic political price in November. And I could almost see it. It’s the end of the  Republican Party,” he stated. 

The author reiterated that the Europeans will for sure seek to respond to US…

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