PressTV-‘Trump is a bait-and-switch con man’

Democratic lawmaker Gregory Meeks has labeled US President Donald Trump as a “con man” for his support of the newly-passed GOP tax bill.

New York Representative Meeks expressed concerns that the businessman-turned-president governs the country by using classic examples of bait-and-switch tactics, advertising a seemingly well-thought-out plan aimed at putting more money in the hands of Republican wealthy donors and stripping benefits from the average Americans.

““Eighty percent of the tax cuts that are coming is going to go to the richest one percent. So, yes, if you want to say you’re giving them a crumb, and that tax cut expires in ten years, whereas it does not expire for the major corporations of America. So there is a bait and switch. There is a bait-and-switch…with how this president has governed over the last year. He baits and then switches. He says one thing and there’s really a different result,” he told CNN on…

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