PressTV-Trump administration downgrades EU diplomats in US

The administration of US President Donald Trump has lowered the status of the European Union’s diplomats in Washington without notifying the bloc, deepening a growing rift between Washington and Brussels.

The US State Department lowered the EU mission’s diplomatic status from member state to international organization last month.

The snub was first reported Tuesday by German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

“It’s clearly political and, frankly, amateur and unprofessional,” said one diplomat from a non-EU country. “I’m putting it politely.”

The EU learned of the diplomatic downgrade during the December 5 funeral of former US President George H.W. Bush, when EU Ambassador David O’Sullivan was among the last diplomats to be called to pay respects.

“Every administration has the right to review this order but why now, two years in?” an EU official said. “What for us is remarkable is that we were not notified,” the official continued. “For a…

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