PressTV-Trump accusers urge Congress to probe sex allegations

Three women who claim US President Donald Trump sexually harassed them have urged the US Congress to investigate the misconduct allegations against Trump, amid the snowballing harassment allegations convulsing the country.

Rachel Crooks, Jessica Leeds and Samantha Holvey, who first came forward with claims of harassment during last year’s presidential race, made the appeal on Monday at a forum in New York City.

Crooks, who claims Trump forcibly kissed her on the mouth after she introduced herself to him at Trump Tower in 2005, urged lawmakers to “put aside their party affiliations and investigate Mr. Trump’s history of sexual misconduct.”

“I want to believe that as Americans we can put aside our political inclinations and admit that some things in fact do transcend politics,” Crooks said alongside fellow accusers.

Leeds claims she was groped by Trump on a flight, while Holvey accuses Trump of behaving inappropriately when she was a…

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