PressTV-Tory vice-chairs resign over May’s Brexit plan

Two other Tory MPs have resigned from their posts, joining a growing list of ruling Conservative Party members defying British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for leaving the European Union.

Conservative Party vice-chairs Ben Bradley and Maria Caulfield announced their resignation on Tuesday afternoon, warning the premier that her strategy for a close trading relationship with the bloc in post-Brexit era would not capitalize on the opportunities that Brexit could provide.

“I admit that I voted to Remain in that ballot. What has swayed me over the last two years to fully back the Brexit vision is the immense opportunities that are available from global trade, and for the ability for Britain to be an outward looking nation in control of our own destiny once again,” Bradley wrote in his resignation letter.

“I fear that this agreement at Chequers damages those opportunities; that being tied to EU regulations, and the EU tying our hands…

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