PressTV-Speaker Pelosi signs worker back pay bill amid shutdown

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has signed legislation to ensure back pay for furloughed federal employees once the shutdown ends.

The signing came on Friday hours after the House of Representatives voted to restore funding for some federal government agencies that had been shuttered since Dec. 22.

The house voted 240-179 to restore funding for the Interior Department and the Environmental Protection Agency.

“On the first day that some of our federal employees will miss their paycheck, Congress is saying and guaranteeing that workers will be paid not only for this shutdown, but God forbid if we have any future ones, that their pay will be guaranteed,” Pelosi said.

At one point, she ridiculed President Donald Trump, saying, “Let’s give him time to think it through. Think? Did I say think?”

Nearly 800,000 federal workers, who are affected by the government shutdown, missed their first paycheck of the year that would have gone out on…

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