PressTV-Senators question US support for Saudi war on Yemen

The US Senate has grilled officials of the Donald Trump administration over Washington’s support for Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen, saying there’s an “alarming absence of strategy” when it comes to the war.

During a Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday, senators from both sides of the aisle demanded answers from officials from the Pentagon and the Department of State.

Republican Senator Rand Paul questioned vast US arms exports to Riyadh. He said Saudi Arabia is attacking Yemenis indiscriminately, while the US is increasing its bomb sales to the kingdom.

“If your son was shooting off his pistol in the backyard and doing it indiscriminately and endangering the neighbors, would you give him more bullets or less?” Paul asked at the hearing.

“Our strategy is to give [the Saudis] more bombs, not less,” he added.

Democratic senator Bob Menendez said there is an “alarming absence of strategy” in Washington’s approach to…

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