PressTV-Second Brexit vote possible: UK Labour leader

The leader of Britain’s main opposition Labour Party has indicated he could reverse the country’s withdrawal from the European Union by allowing a second referendum on the issue if his party wins power.

“We’d consider putting that to the public,” Jeremy Corbyn said on Saturday while vowing to renegotiate a Brexit that was kicked off following an original vote in June 2016 in which nearly 52 percent of the people voted to leave the EU.

The comments come amid rising pressure on Corbyn from other senior Labour politicians to endorse the idea of a second Brexit referendum as the Conservative-led government finds it increasingly difficult to engineer a smooth withdrawal from the EU at the end of March.

Corbyn said a fresh referendum on Brexit could ask for people’s opinion on any Brexit finalized by the current or next governments.

“That’s the point we’re discussing now in the party,” said the Labour leader a day after he…

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