PressTV-Saudis play pro-Palestinian by warning Trump

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has warned US President Donald Trump that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds would be a dangerous and provocative move.

“Moving the US embassy is a dangerous step that provokes the feelings of Muslims around the world,” said Salman during a phone conversation on Tuesday with Trump, despite the monarchy’s proximity to the Israeli regime.   

The conversation occurred after Trump “informed” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of his intention to relocate the US embassy.

‘Moving embassy crosses every red line’

Meanwhile, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has also warned that such a move would seriously heighten regional tensions.

“The American administration’s recognition of occupied Jerusalem as the occupation’s capital and moving its embassy to Jerusalem crosses every red line,” said Hamas chief Ismail Haniya.

“Moving the American embassy to Jerusalem is a dangerous escalation and provides…

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