PressTV-Russians targeted Senate, US think tanks: Microsoft

US-based tech giant Microsoft has accused Russia of seeking to launch cyber attacks on the US Senate in the run-up to the November’s congressional elections.

In a report published on Tuesday, the corporation claimed that hackers linked to the Russian government sought to launch cyber attacks on the US Senate and two conservative American think tanks, with Moscow strongly denying the allegation.

Microsoft said it thwarted the Russia-linked attempts last week by taking control of six web domains that hackers had created to mimic the pages that belonged to The International Republican Institute and The Hudson Institute.

Microsoft said hackers could have used the domains to send emails to Senate staffers or people working for the two institutes in a bid to trick them into handing over information like their login credentials – usernames and passwords.

The world’s biggest software company said it has shut down 84 fake websites in 12…

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