PressTV-Russia warns US over aggressive N Korea rhetoric

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned the US against its “aggressive rhetoric” towards North Korea.

During a Tuesday phone call with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Lavrov stressed that Washington’s actions have heightened tension on the Korean peninsula.  

“The importance of an early transition from the language of sanctions to negotiations was emphasized,” said a statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Despite the warning, the two senior politicians “shared a common opinion that the nuclear-missile developments in [North Korea] violate the demands of the United Nations Security Council,” it added.

The statement added that Lavrov and Tillerson both agreed to boost dialogue on issues in the sphere of strategic stability, and to “stay in close contact.”

The announcement came shortly after the US sanctioned two senior North Korean officials over the country’s ballistic missile program.

Tensions have been…

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