PressTV-Russia bashes Trump over gas pipeline comments

Moscow has criticized US President Donald Trump for his comments on a major pipeline project that will double the amount of gas transferred from Russia to Germany, saying the comments are meant to dissuade the country’s gas customers and force them to buy American energy supplies instead.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday that Trump’s description of Germany a “captive” of Russia due to its energy reliance was part of Washington’s campaign to bully Europe into buying American energy supplies.

“As for Germany’s dependence (on Russia) as a major gas buyer we cannot agree with this premise,” Peskov said, adding, “Supplies of pipeline gas do not lead to dependence of one country on another but to complete mutual dependence. That is a guarantee of stability and future development.”

Trump said at a NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday that Germany’s support for the $11-billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will…

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