PressTV-‘Row with US on Iran can boost EU’s financial autonomy’

France says the European Union must use the ongoing row with the US over the Iran nuclear deal as a chance to increase the bloc’s financial autonomy and stop following Washington’s lead in its trade relations with the world.

“I am convinced that the outcome of that crisis with Iran will be the chance for Europe to have its own independent financial institutions, so we can trade with whoever we want,” French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday.

What the French minister called ‘crisis with Iran’ is an ongoing row with the US over the sanctions it unilaterally imposed on the Islamic Republic after the Donald Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

The sanctions, the first batch of which was imposed in August and the second is due in November, keep European companies from working with Tehran, as the US has threatened the companies doing business with Iran would lose the American market…

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