PressTV-Ron Paul denounces US backing of Venezuela’s failed coup

Former US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has denounced Washington’s backing for the botched coup in Venezuela, calling it ‘hypocrisy’ and urging the US government to learn lessons from the so-called war on terror.

“Where do we get the moral authority to be the decider?” Paul, a former member of the US House of Representatives and founder of the Ron Paul Institute, said Friday in an interview with RT.

“I think it’s rather ironic for our government to say they want to take care of Venezuela… by having a coup and threatening them with military violence because they’re not democratic enough,” he said.

American intervention in Venezuela’s affairs is “unwise, very dangerous, it will be costly, it’s against our rules, and if they pretend that we have to go in because we want to spread American values, those aren’t my values,” said Paul, whose son is Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

He said the…

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