PressTV-‘Republicans happy with US direction under Trump’

While the majority of Americans disapprove of the way US President Donald Trump is handling his job, the majority of Republicans are satisfied with the direction of their country, according to a new poll.

A Gallup poll released on Monday found that 61 percent of Republicans — roughly six in 10 — say they are satisfied when asked, “In general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time?”

Republicans’ satisfaction with the direction of the US is at its highest point since 2007.

One in four Republicans say they are “very satisfied” with the nation’s course, and 36 percent say they are “somewhat satisfied.” Twenty-three percent describe themselves as “somewhat dissatisfied,” while 15 percent still say they are “very dissatisfied.”

“Now that 2017 has been capped off with a major legislative victory and an improved economy, Trump’s base is clearly pleased with what it is seeing from…

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