PressTV-Record number of Britons seeking Irish passports

An increasing number of Britons are applying for Irish passports to be able to keep their EU citizenship once the UK leaves the bloc next year.

On Monday, Ireland’s foreign office said the number of British citizens applying for Irish passports went up by 22% in 2018, more than double the total number of annual applications registered in 2015, a year before the Brexit vote.

A total of 84,855 applications for Irish passports have been from the North and 98,544 from Great Britain so far this year.

“We’re anticipating a significant increase again in terms of the number of people in Britain applying for Irish passports. Clearly, if there was a no-deal Brexit, that may well be a significant figure,” said Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney (pictured below).

“We have to anticipate and prepare for that, and we are,” Coveney added.

British citizens who have been born in the Irish Republic or Northern Ireland or those with an Irish…

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