PressTV-Protesters slam Trump’s Jerusalem decision in DC

Thousands of people have held rallies in Washington, protesting at US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital.

The protesters gathered near the White House on Saturday, waving Palestinian flags and carrying banners denouncing the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The banners read, “Stop the occupation in Palestine now”, “Jerusalem belongs to Palestinians” and “We reject Trump’s decision.”

In a speech to protesters, Osama Abu Irshaid, the director of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), said, “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine whether Trump or his buddy, the war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu like it or not.”

“If Mr. President wants to give property to the state of Israel, he should give one of his properties if he really owns them,” Abu Irshaid said. “But we don’t really know how much he owns because he never declared his taxes.”

Among the protesters, there were many of Jewish…

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