PressTV-Protesters disrupt US fossil fuel event at climate talks

Protesters disturbed a US-sponsored event promoting fossil fuels on the sidelines of UN climate change talks on Monday, saying attempts to rebrand coal as a potentially “clean” energy source were misleading.

The event called “US innovative technologies spur economic dynamism”, touting the benefits of burning fossil fuels more efficiently, infuriated campaigners and many government delegations who want the talks to focus on moving away from coal, oil and gas.

Some 100 protesters in the audience at the event seized a microphone and interrupted opening remarks by Wells Griffith, the man US President Donald Trump appointed as senior director for energy at the National Security Council.

They waved banners and chanted: “keep it in the ground”.

“I’m 19 years old and I’m pissed,” shouted Vic Barrett, a plaintiff in the “Juliana vs US” lawsuit filed in 2015 by 21 young people against the government for allowing activities that…

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