PressTV-Pro-Israel UK Labour MP Joan Ryan loses confidence vote

A leading pro-Israel Member of Parliament in the UK Labour Party has lost a vote of confidence over her criticism of party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the anti-Semitisim row within Labour.

Joan Ryan, the chair of Labour Friends of Israel, was targeted for deselection by members of her constituency, who said she had “smeared” Corbyn’s character and “fuelled” the anti-Semitism storm that has engulfed the party this summer.

Members of Enfield North, a peripheral Greater London constituency, came out in large numbers to vote after a motion of no confidence had been called on the rebel MP.

After a lengthy meeting which included six speakers debating either for or against Ryan, the over 100 members in attendance cast their votes. When asked “do you support the motion of no confidence in Joan Ryan?” The results given were 95 yes to 92 no.

It is being seen as the potential start of a formal deselection process, which ultimately involves a “trigger…

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