PressTV-Pentagon sued for failure to report crimes to FBI

Three major cities in the United States have filed a federal lawsuit against the Pentagon, arguing that the military’s “broken system” led to the massacre of more than two dozen people inside a Texas church last month.

New York City, San Francisco and Philadelphia said in court papers on Tuesday that the Pentagon’s failure to report service members disqualified from purchasing and possessing firearms to the FBI’s national background check system led to one of the deadliest mass shootings in US history early in November.

The cities’ attorneys said local law enforcement officials relied on the FBI’s database to carry out background checks on gun permit applications and to monitor purchases, therefore; the database had to be up-to-date in order to prevent people from wrongly getting guns.

“This failure on behalf of the Department of Defense has led to the loss of innocent lives by putting guns in the hands of criminals and those who…

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