PressTV-Pentagon rejects any Syria withdrawal timetable

The United States Department of Defense has rejected any timetable for its allegedly finalized plan to withdraw troops from Syria.

A withdrawal framework for Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) has been approved and is currently being executed by US forces, said Pentagon spokesman Commander Sean Robertson in a statement on Tuesday.

“That framework is conditions-based and will not subject troop withdrawal to an arbitrary timeline. The framework will be influenced by a number of factors, including weather,” said Robertson.

Operation Inherent Resolve is the name of a US military campaign launched in August 2014 after the Daesh terrorist Takfiri group overran large swaths of Syria and Iraq.

The US has ever since maintained military presence in Syria without any authorization from the Damascus government or a UN mandate.

The Pentagon statement came after US President Donald Trump  called for a swift troop pullout on December 19,…

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