PressTV-Now in India, US pursuing pressure campaign against Iran

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis are on an official visit to India with a top agenda priority of pressuring New Delhi to stop buying Iran’s oil.

A senior US State Department official, who was not named in reports, said on Thursday that American and Indian officials were engaged in “very detailed conversations” to persuade India to stop oil imports from the Islamic Republic.

“We’re asking all of our partners, not just India, to reduce to zero oil imports from Iran, and so I’m confident that will be part of our conversation with India,” the official said as Pompeo and Mattis met with their counterparts in the Indian capital.

“There are very detailed conversations taking place between the US and India on just the technical issues related to going to zero and those conversations will continue,” the official added.

This handout photo, from India’s Ministry of External Affairs, taken on…

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