PressTV-North Korea must give up missiles and nukes: Bolton

US National Security Adviser John Bolton says North Korea must give up both its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs if it wants the détente with Washington to work.

Bolton said Sunday that denuclearization was going to be the main topic at President Donald Trump’s June 12 meeting in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un but Kim must do more than that if he wants his country to become “a normal nation.”

“Well I think the denuclearization is absolutely at the core of it and it means not just the nuclear weapons, North Korea’s previously agreed, several times in fact to give up its uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing capabilities,” the former US envoy to the UN told ABC News.

“We’ve got the ballistic missile issues on the table, we’ve got to look at chemical and biological weapons,” he added.

As part of the process, Bolton said Pyongyang was required to allow all of its nuclear and missile…

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