PressTV-New tax plan ‘biggest thievery in US history’

US Senator Bernie Sanders has denounced the newly-approved tax overhaul bill as the “biggest act of thievery in the modern history of this country.”

On Saturday, the Senate approved the GOP tax plan that will offer huge tax cuts for US corporations and the wealthiest Americans and likely increase the budget deficit by $1 trillion in a decade.

The upper chamber of Congress voted 51 to 49 in favor of the bill, the nation’s largest tax overhaul in 31 years, delivering Republicans and President Donald Trump a major legislative victory.

Sanders described the tax rewrite as “class warfare,” saying that Republicans are “looting the federal government” in order to give handouts to corporations and the rich.

However, he added that the GOP will not be able to get away with the scheme.

Sanders made the remarks on Saturday in Dayton, Ohio, at an event that was part of a four-city tour against the Republican tax bill organized by…

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