PressTV-‘Muslim teen raped, killed near Virginia mosque’

The brutal murder of a teenage Muslim girl in the US state of Virginia has turned into a capital murder and rape case.

Monday’s indictment includes capital murder and rape charges and will allow prosecutors to pursue a death-penalty case against Darwin Martinez Torres, 22.

Martinez is charged with the murder of Nabra Hassanen, whose death sparked outrage among Muslim communities across the country.

Before Monday’s indictment, police said the killing was being investigated as a road rage incident. But Nabra’s father rejected the police theory and said his daughter was attacked because she was Muslim.

More than 200 supporters wearing “Justice for Nabra” T-shirts showed up at a preliminary hearing of Toress on Friday.

Nabra Hassanen’s mother (L) and father. (file photo)

According to Virginia law, prosecutors are allowed to pursue a death penalty case only under certain conditions, including murder in the commission of a rape and murder…

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