PressTV-‘Millions to protest against Trump if he visits UK’

Organizers of protests against a US President Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom have warned that more than a million demonstrators could take to the streets in an event of a visit by Trump early next year.

The “Stop Trump” group that was set up shortly after the president’s inauguration in February, said that thousands of people have signed a pledge during the last 24-hours since — particularly on the social media — to join a protest if he visits the country.

“The British government knows that the protests against a Trump visit could be the biggest we’ve ever seen in the country,” said a group’s spokesman Evening Standard. “Upwards of a million people could take to the streets.”

“No doubt that’s a factor not only in the delay over the visit but also the secrecy surrounding the details,” he said. “But there’s no escape. We could mobilize hundreds of thousands at a day’s notice.”

Protesters hold placards…

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