PressTV-May hails EU leaders’ agreement on Brexit talks

British Prime Minister Theresa May has welcomed a decision by European Union leaders in Brussels to open crucial talks on a post-Brexit relationship with the UK thanking the European Commission and EU presidents.

“Today is an important step on the road to delivering a smooth and orderly Brexit and forging our deep and special future partnership,” May said Friday on Twitter, thanking European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU President Donald Tusk.

EU leaders on Friday approved the opening of the next stage of Brexit talks after reaching a deal on divorce terms with Britain, Tusk said.

“EU leaders agree to move on to the second phase of Brexit talks. Congratulations PM @theresa_may”, Tusk tweeted.

At a meeting in Brussels, members of the bloc said there has been enough progress on key issues. The next phase will involve discussions over future relations and trade ties between the UK and the EU.

Echoing Tusk’s comments…

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