PressTV-‘Labour will stick to anti-Semitism code’

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has broken his silence over an anti-Semitism row affecting his party, saying he would not accept changing the party’s new code on anti-Semitism as it would violate the right of many Jews who are critical of Zionism and the loath the Israeli regime.

Corbyn wrote in a Friday article for the Guardian that the Labour would stick to its code of conduct on anti-Semitism as it respected the rights of those Jews who were in fact not Zionists.

“[T]here are also many non- or anti-Zionist Jews who should not be branded as anti-Semites simply because they are not part of the Zionist tradition,” Corbyn said in the article, adding that the pressure on the party over the code came from people who want to “restrict criticism of Israel.”

Corby said that it was wrong to brand anti-Zionists as anti-Semites, adding that it was much like the “Zionism is racism” argument that surfaced in the left in the 1970s….

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