PressTV-‘Labour anti-Semitism row serves Israel supporters’

A row over UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his party’s definition of anti-Semitism only serves those supporting Israel as they insist the party should ban any criticism of the regime and its actions, says a political analyst. 

Chris Bambery, a UK-based journalist and author, told Press TV on Saturday that pro-Israeli advocates were desperate to force Corbyn and Labour to accept a special international anti-Semitism code or face their political pressure.

“It stems from an attempt to portray Jeremy Corbyn and the opposition Labour party as ant-Semitic despite Corbyn’s own records of opposition to all forms of racism including anti-Semitism,” said Bambery.

The expert said “the Labour has not agreed to and is not in the process of agreeing to” demands for adopting a definition of anti-Semitism which includes the fact that it is anti-Semitic to criticize Israel.

He said Corbyn and Labour resist the pressure because if they…

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